About Jazza

Professional YouTuber, Television Presenter, Author, Artist, Entertainer and Dad! 

Jazza spends most of his time creating content on his YouTube Channel 'Jazza', where he entertains with arty content and challenges himself to try new things in the world of art and creativity, so go subscribe, and if you’re interested in directly supporting the channel or Jazza himself, the Shop is the best way to do so while getting nice things for yourself too!

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Jazza Presenting

YouTube Channel 'Jazza' 

This is Jazza's primary focus and his full time occupation. The channel has grown to employ a number of talented filmakers and assistants who work alongside Jazza everyday to serve independent content focused on art and entertainment, in Jazza's unique style!

Jazza's Television Work 

When he has time Jazza has enjoyed collaborating with traditional media outlets to produce content.

He has presented and co produced a children's television art series, for a major broadcaster and he also makes regular appearances on a variety of television programs.

Jazza Speaks with Audience

Jazza at Live Events


Jazza's filming schedule is hectic but he is still sometimes called upon and makes the effort to appear live at events around the world. He speaks on various topics, demonstrates and draws live and even sometimes makes music.

 Jazza, as an Author 

Jazza has always been excited about sharing his love of drawing in book form. He has several awesome value ebooks available through this website and in 2016 he had the opportunity to traditionally publish when he wrote Creating Characters, published by Penguin and available Globally through major book retailers. 

Jazza as an Author