This is the Tale Teller Development Pack, a collection of the images, documents, and video files that show the development of the ambitious indie animation, from the very beginning to the very end.

This pack includes:

  • High Resolution poster art
  • Conceptualization documents and videos
  • Concept art for characters and environments
  • Footage of the entire voice acting recording session
  • Storyboards and Animatics (including PIP)
  • Screen-captured footage of the entire art and animation production process (including commentary!)
  • Footage of the recording session with the violinist
  • In depth tour of the music and video production files
  • Post-production FX breakdown and comparison

I have created this pack in the hopes that other content creators interested in producing ambitious content with a small team, can see how our little group put the whole thing together! I hope you find it interesting!

The Tale Teller Development Pack