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The Computer-Aided Drafting tool has been improved to reduce the impact of changes, while enhancing the visual design experience. New controls allow you to import wireframes in an easy-to-use interface that supports many formats, including AutoCAD version 2.New techniques have been developed to help you reduce the number of drawings and paper required to create your project documentation.Tools have been added to help you save time and manage changes on the design floor.The Block Definition tool now defines new graphic files from existing blocks. (video: 3:27 min.)AutoCAD Architecture (AcadArch) was developed as an introduction to architecture and a successor to AutoCAD/Architecture. It brings together features from the acad.dll and acadarch.dll libraries.New Architecture-Specific User Interface Features:You can now combine several blocks and layers in the same drawing. This significantly reduces the time required to create and edit architectural drawings.New Linear Layouts tools help you better manage the various options for laying out your drawings.Dimensional Constraints now feature “No Man” and “No Object” options.New shapes are available for the Construction Set and architectural styles.The Architectural Styles Editor now includes an image gallery that displays images of a project in its current stage.A new Archimedes (Archi) tool enables you to import and export the project documentation in a format that enables you to track changes to the plans.New 3D Drawing Tools:Viewpoint tools:Viewing angles and viewing “polygons” to build complex scenes. (video: 3:36 min.)Reflection tools:Tool to view and plan reflected images.Panoramic views:Rotate or zoom in for a better view of 3D graphics.Image annotation:Use image attributes to mark information on a drawing.3D cube view:Use an interactive viewport to quickly check whether you are looking at a correct position in a 3D drawing.New Dynamic Coordinate System:Dynamic coordinates are defined in the drawing’s coordinate system.You can switch between three coordinate systems: A traditional X/Y/Z system, a 2D Paper System 2be273e24d

AutoCAD For Windows [Updated-2022]

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