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download youtube desktop. 3 Windows 7 Tech Pro Install. ECA VRT DVD 2010 Downloaded from present invention relates generally to automatic fixturing systems and more particularly to an automatic fixturing system for use with articles for disposition upon a reticle. In the production of semiconductor integrated circuits it is necessary to provide a plurality of copies of a particular integrated circuit design on a reticle. The reticle is then used to transfer the design onto wafers for the production of the devices. After the circuit pattern is transferred to the wafer, the wafer is cut or "diced" to form individual integrated circuits. These individual chips are then packaged into individual modules. In performing the circuit design process, it is necessary to trace routing paths through the design. It is also necessary to determine the layer of the wafer on which the design is located and the number of layers through which the design passes before reaching the desired level. In addition, to be useful a design must fit inside the size limits of the wafer. This determination is made by determining the worst-case dimensions of the design and the other circuits already present on the wafer. At the present time, these circuits are typically manually generated using a mapping program. Such a mapping program allows the designer to select and trace the various elements of the design and their routing paths through the wafer. Even though such a mapping program is useful in many applications, as the complexity of the designs increases the amount of time that a mapping program requires to complete a design increases. This makes the use of such a mapping program less than desirable in some applications. Another method of tracing routing paths through a wafer is to manually design the reticle. This method requires a great deal of time and the resulting reticle often does not yield the desired results. In addition, the method of manually designing a reticle is somewhat error-prone and requires a great deal of experience. In addition, since the design process is performed by the designer, the designer must be knowledgeable in many different areas in order to manually design the reticle. One approach to automating the design process for an integrated circuit on a wafer involves using conventional software tools to design the integrated circuit. These tools allow the designer to determine the shape of the integrated circuit and the various routing paths through the wafer. However, this design method is limited in that it is not feasible to trace the routing paths from a design layer to a design layer. Thus

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Help Desk Application

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